What the hell happened to Iowa?
What the hell happened to Iowa?
Take a listen...
Take a listen...
...we recorded our podcast 'intro' and 'outro'
Our first recording session!

We gathered yesterday, February 1, to record what will be the musical introduction to a new podcast featuring Rekha Basu, Julie Gammack, and guests.

Special thanks to musician Tina Haase Findlay and sound engineers Brian Dodson and James Hamilton for being on the team.

For nearly five years, Tina’s voice was featured on Iowa Tourism ads telling potential visitors that ‘Iowa will make you smile.’ So it’s a tad ironic she composed the beautiful song (embedded above) for this podcast, What the hell happened to Iowa?

This podcast production would not be happening without the support of our paid subscribers. You provide capable sound editors, the funds to purchase recording equipment and help with travel expenses.

We plan on having a thank-you party for our paid subscribers.

We were stunned by the enthusiasm for this podcast, which was just announced on January 21, and we will do our best to deliver answers to the question:

What the hell happened to Iowa?

Please offer your feedback in the comment section below. Please tell us how you answer the question (what the hell happened to Iowa) and your suggestions for future episodes.


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What the hell happened to Iowa?

What the hell happened to Iowa?

Julie and Rekha search for answers. Iowa was once considered a progressive state. These professional journalists will explore the state to find out what the hell is going on. Join us.

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