What the hell happened to Iowa?
What the hell happened to Iowa?
Broadcast media's rightward shift in Iowa

Broadcast media's rightward shift in Iowa

.....and how it happened, Part one of two

Rekha and Julie offer a two-part series discussing ‘What the hell happened to Iowa?’ focusing on how Iowa's media landscape has changed.

We offer four points of view; first, from Trish Nelson, a listener who has monitored the changes in Iowa radio stations' news/talk format.

Next, we hear from former Federal Communications Commissioner Nicholas (Nick) Johnson, followed by businessman Tom Stoner, who owned radio stations in Iowa.

Nicholas Johnson, former Federal Communications Commissioner, chat with Julie and Rekha

To know what the hell happened to Iowa, one must understand federal policy changes that fundamentally changed the operation and ownership of local broadcast companies.

In the second episode, Julie and Rekha interview veteran broadcast icon Ted Koppel, who shares his fears about the future of journalism.

The political sea-change in Iowa did not happen overnight. Julie and Rekha explore the factors that have made Iowa take a hard right turn.

Today, the subject is how and why media has changed in the state.

Veteran broadcast journalist Ted Koppel addresses the second part of this topic.


Here is episode two:

What the hell happened to Iowa?
Ted Koppel: Bots, bias spell bleak outlook for broadcasting
Listen now (34 min) | Ted Koppel talks about the factors that he feels have led to the decline of broadcast media, and his fears for its future. He connects racism, the spread of lies, coupled with an unbridled evolution of technology, resulting in threats to democracy. In this wide-ranging conversation, he starts by sharing his concerns about artificial intelligence, and ho…
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What the hell happened to Iowa?
What the hell happened to Iowa?
Julie and Rekha search for answers. Iowa was once considered a progressive state. These professional journalists will explore the state to find out what the hell is going on. Join us.
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